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Weatherill laws force shops to install roller doors

The Weatherill Labor Government’s crazy shop trading laws have forced some stores to install roller doors because they are prohibited from selling some of their goods on public holidays.

For example Harvey Norman stores have had to install internal roller doors to close the electrical and computer sections of their shops because they are only allowed to sell their furniture and bedding products on public holidays.

“Harvey Norman management have told me that South Australia is the only state where they have had to do this,” said Shadow Treasurer Rob Lucas.

Other stores like Good Guys are simply prevented from opening at all on public holidays because they sell electrical goods and home appliances.

The Weatherill Government’s farcical shop trading laws mean that on Australia Day one shopping complex on Marion Road will have:

- Nick Scali Furniture – open

- Freedom – open

- Good Guys – closed

- Harvey Norman – part store open

“The Weatherill Government’s laws for public holidays are even more unfair because they allow stores like Ikea and Bunnings (and until recently Masters) to sell dishwashers and ovens, yet Harvey Norman and Good Guys are not allowed to sell dishwashers and ovens,” said Mr Lucas.

“Mr Weatherill needs to explain why he supports these crazy laws and why he believes they are fair.

“Mr Weatherill needs to explain to families why they can’t purchase electrical goods and home appliances from some stores on public holidays.

“The simple reason is that Mr Weatherill has to do what powerful ex-union bosses like Peter Malinauskas and the shoppies union tell him to do.

“These laws are outrageously unfair to many businesses and prevents them from potentially creating more jobs at a time when many people are desperate for work.”

If elected in March 2018 a Marshall Liberal Government will introduce sensible shop trading laws to remove these unfair restrictions.