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Weatherill must accept responsibility for Gillman failure

Today’s announcement that Jay Weatherill’s Gillman land deal will not proceed is a damning indictment on the State Labor Government.

“Yet again Jay Weatherill has let down South Australians by failing to deliver on a promise,” said State Liberal Leader Steven Marshall.

“Mr Weatherill promised 6,000 jobs would be created by his Gillman deal and not one job has been delivered.

“On top of Mr Weatherill’s failure to deliver jobs with his Gillman deal the Premier has cost South Australians millions of dollars in legal fees and departmental waste.

“It has also been revealed that Mr Weatherill’s botched compulsory acquisition of the Gillman land from the Adelaide City Council has now cost taxpayers $20 million.”

The Weatherill Labor Government’s conduct entering into the Gillman land deal was heavily criticised by the Independent Commissioner Against Corruption, Auditor-General, Supreme Court judges and prominent industry associations.

“The integrity of Jay Weatherill’s Gillman land deal was investigated by the ICAC and other investigative bodies and it was found wanting,” said Mr Marshall.

“It’s time for this land to be sold via an open and transparent sale process.”