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Weatherill must change his job creation policies

The Weatherill Labor Government has today released its 2015 Economic Statement which forecasts more unemployment pain for South Australia. 

Mr Weatherill is forecasting unemployment to grow to over 8 per cent on current economic forecasts and possibly to rise to over 9 per cent in what he describes as the ‘high unemployment scenario’.

The Weatherill Labor Government must take action now to create jobs for South Australians.

Last week, State Liberal Leader Steven Marshall announced an emergency Jobs Stimulus Package to start fixing South Australia’s dire unemployment situation.

The key elements of the Plan are: 

  • Immediately cutting business taxes to allow businesses to grow and create more jobs;
  • Investing in new job creating infrastructure projects; and,
  • Providing immediate relief to families and households who are struggling under spiralling cost of living pressures.

“The Weatherill Labor Government needs to accept that after 13 years their policies haven’t worked and needs to adopt the measures proposed by the State Liberals in the upcoming Mid-Year Budget Review,” said Shadow Treasurer Rob Lucas.

“Premier Weatherill and Treasurer Koutsantonis simply cannot sit on their hands while South Australia’s unemployment rate heads towards double digits.”

On 8 September this year, Premier Weatherill told Parliament:

“We did that, some would say, 'courageously', in the Yes Minister sense of the word, to hold ourselves accountable for the performance of this state. These are not government targets: they are targets for the whole of the state.”

“The Weatherill Labor Government’s failure to take action and adopt job creation policies is simply committing South Australians to skyrocketing unemployment,” said Mr Lucas.

“Premier Weatherill needs to put political differences aside and work with the State Liberal Team to fix the South Australian economy.”