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Weatherill must intervene to prevent hospital chaos

State Liberal Leader Steven Marshall has today called on Jay Weatherill to intervene in the hospital bed closure crisis to avoid a system meltdown.

Nurses have indicated they will stop admitting patients to wards not appropriate to their care from Saturday in protest at the Weatherill Government’s closure of Ward S7 at the Royal Adelaide Hospital.

Data analysis performed by the State Liberals indicates the industrial action could result in more than 30 patients being stuck in the RAH and TQEH Emergency Departments on Saturday.

“Doctors and nurses stopped the Weatherill Government closing Ward S7 last September when the Department was unable to show that the beds were no longer needed,” said State Liberal Leader Steven Marshall.

“Doctors and nurses are still saying S7 should not be closed but Jack Snelling and his bureaucrats are not listening.

“Jay Weatherill must intervene to ensure the Ward S7 beds are reopened, further downgrades are put on hold and a potential hospital crisis is avoided.

“The failure to urgently reopen Ward S7 will condemn the RAH and TQEH to overloading in their EDs and ramping ambulances.”

Metropolitan hospitals and ambulance services are already over-stretched and stressed.

In the middle of last week, the RAH Emergency Department was over capacity for 16 hours straight.