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Weatherill’s 15 per cent tax on everything

Premier Jay Weatherill’s demand that the GST be increased to 15 per cent and broaden its base would impose an estimated $3.2 billion tax hike on South Australians, amounting to an estimated $1880 per year for every man, woman and child in the State.

Federal Government calculations show that Jay Weatherill’s plans to increase the GST to 15 per cent and broaden its base would almost double GST revenue, resulting in a $45 billion increase in the tax take of which South Australia would contribute an extra $3.2 billion.

“Premier Weatherill’s plans to double the GST tax take would be the final straw for South Australia’s ailing economy and the job hopes of the tens of thousands of unemployed South Australians,” said State Liberal Leader Steven Marshall.

“Jay Weatherill has more money than any other Premier in the history of the State yet still wants to slug each and every South Australian another $1880 every year.

“What is most disturbing is that Jay Weatherill intends to extract this massive tax increase by hook or by crook.

“Premier Weatheirll has made it clear that if the Federal Government won’t implement his plans to increase the GST then he will raise state taxes to obtain the increase.”

Premier Weatherill   (5AA 7.08-7.18)   Either we cut them, which is bad for working people; we introduce a user pays charge, which is really bad for working people or we find some other nasty State tax to increase, which is not going to be good for working people. (27-11-2015)

“Jay Weatherill wants to keep taxing people until they’re on their knees,” said Mr Marshall.

“We need a fairer tax system that encourages economic growth and job creation – we actually need to be lowering taxes, not increasing them.

“Jay Weatherill just doesn’t get it – more tax means people have less to spend leading to even higher unemployment.

“Based on the Premier’s own budget papers, South Australia is receiving an extra $541 million in GST payments from the Commonwealth in 2015-16. State tax revenues alone have increased by $362 million from 2013-14.

“South Australia has the highest unemployment in the nation – forcing people to pay more tax isn’t the answer to solving that problem.”