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Weatherill’s Chief Executive paid more than Obama

Premier Weatherill has shown his ‘warped priorities’ by giving a former Labor staffer a $125,000 pay rise as the boss of his Department.

Contract details revealed under FOI laws show Mr Weatherill has appointed Kym Winter-Dewhirst as Department of Premier and Cabinet (DPC) Chief Executive on a five year contract worth $550,000 p.a – more than US President Barack Obama.

Mr Winter-Dewhirst was a former Ministerial staffer for John Hill before becoming chief spin doctor for BHP Billiton’s proposed expansion of Olympic Dam.

Former DPC Chief Executive Jim Hallion was being paid $425,375 p.a. and still has about 18 months serve on his contract.

“At a time when Mr Weatherill is closing the Repatriation Hospital, cutting Emergency Department services and slugging families with massive ESL increases, only he can explain how he justifies such an outrageous pay increase for any public servant,” said Mr Lucas.

“Public servants within DPC will be ‘white hot with rage’ when they hear about Mr Weatherill’s decision to give such a massive pay increase, especially after the insensitive way he handled the dismissal of a number of loyal and hard-working public servants within the Department this month.”

Other remuneration packages for Weatherill Government Chief Executives include:


Kym Winter-Dewhirst



Don Russell



David Swan



Michael Deegan



Malcolm Jackman

Defence SA


Brett Rowse



Tony Harrison



Sandy Pitcher



Joslene Mazel



Richard Persse



Scott Ashby



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