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Weatherill’s dangerous COAG carbon tax call

The State Liberals are demanding Premier Jay Weatherill drop his dangerous support for a carbon tax and concentrate on reducing the cost and improving the reliability of electricity supplies in South Australia.

“Jay Weatherill’s ideological obsession with taxing electricity will drive investment and jobs out of South Australia and into the arms of our competitors on the eastern seaboard,” said State Liberal Leader Steven Marshall.

“For Jay Weatherill to use the national stage provided by COAG to preach for a state-based carbon tax that no other political leader in the country supports is an act of economic vandalism.

“All Jay Weatherill will achieve with his call for a state carbon tax is put even greater focus on the devastating failure of his energy policies and the fact South Australia has the most expensive and least reliable electricity in the country.

“South Australia’s exorbitant electricity prices and the recent blackouts are already significant disincentives to investment in South Australia without the additional burden of a carbon tax.

“Jay Weatherill has done enough damage to the South Australian economy by forcing the Northern Power Station to the wall and driving up electricity prices whilst reducing the reliability of supply.

“Nor has the Premier’s obsession with driving cheap base load electricity producers out of South Australia resulted in reduced emissions.

“Rather than producing electricity at Port Augusta from coal mined in Leigh Creek by South Australian workers we are now reliant upon electricity from Victorian coal fired generators located in Gippsland.

“There are substantial losses in the transmission of electricity and Adelaide is now importing electricity from 900 kilometres away rather than bringing it from Port Augusta.

“The detrimental flow on effects of this year’s massive jump in electricity prices will be felt in South Australians household budgets and jobs growth for years to come.

“Jay Weatherill should reflect on why no other jurisdiction in Australia has come out to support his hare-brained scheme for a state-based carbon tax”.