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Weatherill’s race against time

The State Liberals are deeply skeptical that the Weatherill Government will deliver the component parts of its electricity plan within the timeframe or the $550 million budget it has outlined.

“It has taken the Weatherill Government far too long to wake up to the damage it has done to South Australia’s electricity system when it forced the closure of the Northern Power Station,” said Shadow Minister for Energy Dan van Holst Pellekaan.

“As a consequence it is scrambling to put in place a patch-up job to get through next summer.

“Firstly we can dismiss outright the Premier’s ‘hope’ that a 250 megawatt generator can be up and running before next summer.

“That timeframe is simply fanciful.

“There is also real doubt that the 100 megawatt battery storage system can be put together in just 9 months.

“The Weatherill Government trumpeted sourcing 25 per cent of its power from dispatchable renewable energy providers that utilise technology such as battery storage in July last year.

“Almost eight months later there has been no successful tender for that contract.

“Even the Weatherill Government’s third world style plan to rely on diesel generators next summer will be difficult to deliver.

“The Weatherill government has also doubled its gas incentivisation fund from $24 million to $48 million.

“Yet successful tenders for the Weatherill Government’s first $24 million gas incentivisation policy were meant to be announced by the end of January.

“Nor has the Treasurer released the economic modelling that shows that its gas incentivisation program will lead to reduce electricity prices.”