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Weatherill’s Second Hand High

News that the Weatherill Government will use a recycled 1960’s building as the site for its ‘new’ city high school and wants to sell the Tea Tree Gully TAFE campus highlights the impoverished state of education planning in South Australia.

“Little wonder we lag behind the education performance of the rest of the mainland Australian states when the Labor Government’s planning is so poor it ends up opting to spend $115 million on a second-hand high school;  $30 million more than a new school,” said Shadow Minister for Education David Pisoni.


“It beggars belief that the Weatherill Government is unable to deliver a new city high school for the $85 million it promised to invest at the last state election.


“The Liberal Party took a fully costed policy to the last state election that would have delivered a state of the art second campus for Adelaide High School for $75 million.


“The $30 million the Weatherill Government is wasting on upgrading a 50 year old building could have and should have been invested in extra teachers and targeted programs to lift South Australia’s struggling education performance.


“Compounding the Weatherill Government’s poor performance in the school sector is its damaging boom bust approach to the training sector.


“It makes no sense for the Weatherill Government to be closing the Tea Tree Gully TAFE campus at the very moment it is decimating the non-government training sector.


“At the very time our young people face intense competition for a limited number of jobs and need better skills than ever before the Weatherill Government is withdrawing from its obligations as fast as it can.


“The Weatherill Government is in the process of de-skilling the South Australian workforce at the very moment the South Australian economy faces its greatest challenge in decades.


“Instead of retaining a strong, jobs-focused training sector, the Weatherill Government has slashed funding for training positions at the expense of South Australia’s growing army of unemployed.


“Once again South Australian students are paying the price for the mistakes of this lazy, arrogant Labor Government.”