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Weatherill’s sneaky new tax

Premier Jay Weatherill has announced a sneaky plan to impose a new tax on South Australians by broadening the GST to include banking services.

“Within a week of releasing the 2015-16 State Budget, Mr Weatherill has started pushing for a new tax,” said Shadow Treasurer Rob Lucas.


“It is downright sneaky for Mr Weatherill to release a budget and talk about reducing business taxes and then run off to Canberra and start pushing for a new tax.


“Mr Weatherill has told the national media that at next month’s leaders meeting he will push for the GST to be applied to all financial services.


“If Mr Weatherill’s plan all along was to push for GST to be applied to bank services he should have told South Australians last week instead of running off to Canberra to do it.


“Mr Weatherill knows that when the GST was introduced in 2001 it was done only on the basis that the Financial Institutions Duty (FID) was abolished. At the time there was widespread opposition in SA to the FID as it taxed every financial transaction.


“This is yet another broken promise by Mr Weatherill as he promised before the most recent election that he wouldn’t support proposals to ‘broaden the base’ of the GST.


“South Australians pay plenty of tax to the state and federal governments, we don’t need to pay more.


“Mr Weatherill’s solution to rising household bills and a stalling economy is to collect more tax.


“The State Liberals fiercely oppose the introduction of new and increased taxes.


“Last year we successfully blocked Mr Weatherill’s ridiculous car park tax and will do everything we can to stop Mr Weatherill from introducing any more job crushing taxes.”