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Weatherill’s tax grab another savage hit to family budgets

Premier Jay Weatherill’s admission that he wants to increase the GST tax burden in South Australia by up to an additional $2 billion a year is a chilling warning for all taxpayers.

This morning on 5AA Premier Weatherill argued for a 50 per cent increase in the rate of the GST without a corresponding reduction in other taxes:


(Penberthy: Premier Jay Weatherill, thank you for your time … Lisa from Seaview Park has rung in, good morning …) (Caller Lisa: my question for the Premier would have been along the lines, “what other taxes will be reduced if the GST was going to be raised by 15%?”)


(Aiston: Mmm, I think the Premier’s still actually there, Lisa.  So Premier, would you mind answering that?) Well none, it’s about raising money, it’s not about shifting.


“Premier Weatherill’s comments go to the heart of the problem the Labor Party’s tax and spend mentality has created in South Australia,” said Shadow Treasurer Rob Lucas.


“Increasing taxes will simply further cripple economic activity in South Australia, driving up the rate of unemployment and deepening the budget deficit.


“When the GST was originally introduced it was accompanied by substantial personal income tax cuts and also the removal of a raft of inefficient state taxes.


“Premier Weatherill wants a 50 per cent increase in the rate of GST to relieve him of the obligation of running a financially responsible budget.”