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Weatherill’s tax on the family home

Premier Weatherill has today outlined his plans to introduce a new tax on family homes in South Australia.

In his Tax Review paper released today, Premier Weatherill has suggested introducing a broad-based property tax be introduced to replace conveyance duty, costing South Australian families $1,200 every year.

“As if it’s not bad enough that South Australian families are facing ever-increasing electricity, water and ESL bills, now the Weatherill Labor Government wants to put another tax on the family home,” said State Liberal Leader Steven Marshall.

“Premier Weatherill couldn’t just stop at massive ESL hikes; he now wants to introduce a new tax on every family home.

“The Liberal Party will never support introducing a new land tax on family homes.

“We are already the highest taxed state in the nation.”

Under Labor since 2002:

•         State taxes have increased by 106 per cent;
•         Property charges have increased by 120 per cent;
•         Electricity bills have increased by 140 per cent;
•         Gas bills have increased by 157 per cent; and,
•         Water bills have increased by 236 per cent.

During this time inflation was only 41 per cent.

“South Australian families should not have to pay for the incompetence of the Weatherill Labor Government,” said Mr Marshall.

“The Weatherill Government’s massive increase to the ESL tax has already placed many ordinary South Australians under intense financial pressure.

“This new land tax on the family home will be the last nail in the coffin for many South Australian household budgets. 

“Premier Weatherill’s inability to balance his budget is not an excuse to reach further into the hip-pockets of South Australians.

“Premier Weatherill conveniently concealed his plan to foist huge tax increases on South Australian families before the State Election, demonstrating that he has lost touch with the financial struggles of ordinary South Australians.”