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Weatherill’s time zone distraction

The Weatherill Labor Government has again failed South Australians by refusing to tackle the biggest challenges facing our state.

Instead of announcing genuine reforms to create jobs and make South Australia a better place live, Premier Weatherill today announced a plan to talk about maybe proposing changes to South Australia’s time zone.


In contrast, State Liberal Leader Steven Marshall announced to 550 people at the Business SA‘Back to Business’ lunch that the State Liberals would immediately move to establish a Parliamentary inquiry into water prices in South Australia.


“Mr Weatherill’s announcement today that his government will start talking about maybe proposing a change of time zone is nothing but an attempt to distract people from his dangerous hospitals plan and high taxes,” said State Liberal Leader Steven Marshall.


“Earlier this week the Weatherill Labor Government announced a dangerous hospitals plan that involves cutting emergency medical services and closing hospitals.


“Talking about a plan to maybe change our time zone should not be the South Australian Government’s priority.


“The priority for the South Australian Government should be proving better hospital services, cutting taxes, and driving down the cost of living.


“The business community faces much bigger challenges as a direct result of Mr Weatherill’s obsession with introducing new taxes and increasing existing ones.”


The State Liberals will be listening to what people have to say about options for changing our time zone, but will be focusing on driving down the cost of doing business in South Australia.