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Weatherill wants higher electricity prices

Jay Weatherill has admitted in State Parliament that his plans for an emissions intensity scheme will further drive up the price of electricity in South Australia.

Premier Weatherill : ‘The way in which the emissions intensity scheme works … means that more often a gas-fired generator will be given the opportunity to bid into the market. At the moment they are always outbid by coal because they can come in at a cheaper price,’

"Jay Weatherill has neatly summarised the impact of an emissions intensity scheme will have on price of electricity for South Australians," said Shadow Minister for Energy and Mining Dan van Holst Pellekaan.

"Jay Weatherill has an ideological obsession with closing down coal generation no matter the cost to household and employers.

"Each and every day hundreds of megawatts of coal fired electricity flow across the border from Victoria keeping the lights on in South Australia.

"If Jay Weatherill gets his way and Victorian coal-fired generation is shut down South Australians will be paying even higher prices for less reliable electricity supplies.

"The reason why South Australia is now so critically dependent on Victorian generators is because Jay Weatherill refused to intervene to keep the Northern Power station open.

"The Northern Power station was forced to shut because Jay Weatherill’s foolish energy policies made the operation of the coal-fired station unviable.

"Jay Weatherill’s extreme green agenda is completely out of step with the wishes a large number of Australians.

"The most recent Newspoll showed that 45% of voters were opposed to paying any more for the cost of the transition to renewable energy.

"Having delivered the highest electricity prices in the nation Jay Weatherill is now trying to convince people they should pay even more to deliver on his pledge to achieve a 50% renewable energy target in South Australia by 2025."