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Western suburbs heart attack central

The Weatherill Government’s plan to drastically reduce cardiology services at The Queen Elizabeth Hospital flies in the face of the latest data on the incidence of heart attacks in Adelaide.

“The western suburbs of Adelaide are heart attack central having the highest number of admissions per 10,000 people by a very long way,” said Shadow Minister Health Stephen Wade.

“It is madness to cut TQEH cardiac services from TQEH when people living in the surrounding suburbs have the highest demand for cardiac services in metropolitan Adelaide.”

The Heart Foundations figures show that there are 64, 54, 50 and 44 heart related hospital admissions per 10,000 people for the West, North, South and Central & Hills regions respectively.

“What Minister Snelling’s cuts to cardiac services at TQEH mean is people suffering heart attack will be forced to travel straight past TQEH on the way to the Royal Adelaide,” said Mr Wade.

“Increasing the critical time between when patients could have received treated at TQEH and when they finally arrive at the Royal Adelaide can only increase the risk of death or greater injury.

“Transforming Health boss Vickie Kaminski uses data showing the need for specialised cardiac services in the north of Adelaide to justify closing services in the west of Adelaide.

“What the data shows unequivocally is the need for specialised heart services at TQEH.

“The Weatherill Government has yet again shown that Transforming Health is about budget cuts not health outcomes.

“Health Minister Jack Snelling must admit he has got this totally wrong and reverse his decision to cut cardiac services from TQEH.”