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What is Labor’s plan for the old RAH site now?

The State Liberals have called on the Weatherill Labor Government to reveal what their plan is for the old RAH site now that the second city high school campus will be on Frome Road.

Yesterday the Weatherill Labor Government announced that the “new” city high school will be located in a second-hand building on Frome Road – not on the old RAH site as originally promised.


“It is just outrageous that with less than one year to go until the old RAH is decommissioned that the Weatherill Labor Government has no idea what to do with the site,” said State Liberal Leader Steven Marshall.


“South Australians need some certainty as to what is going to happen with the site, as do potential investors and local businesses.


“The Weatherill Labor Government announced plans for the new RAH in June 2007.


“That means that the Government has had eight years to come up with a plan for the old RAH site.


“The site is a prime piece of real estate – we don’t want it sitting vacant for years and becoming another Le Cornu debacle.  


“The Weatherill Labor Government has already undertaken an “international design competition” to come up with ideas to develop the site.


“How many different master plans, planning studies and design competitions can Premier Weatherill and his Labor Government undertake?


“The future of this critical site should have been decided years ago.

“South Australia needs an injection of confidence, not more indecision and broken promises from Premier Weatherill.”