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Why did SA plunge into the dark ages?

The state-wide blackout that plunged South Australia into chaos, putting lives at risk and shutting down the entire state must be the subject of an immediate, independent inquiry.

“It is unacceptable that storm damage to transmission lines in the north of South Australia knocked out electricity to the entire state,” said State Liberal Leader Steven Marshall.

“It’s equally unacceptable that South Australian households were left in the dark for many hours and that large sections of the state remain without power almost a day later.

“South Australians are angry that the electricity system failed comprehensively and so am I.

“The failure of the electricity system put many South Australians, particularly the elderly and the infirm, in a dangerous situation.

“South Australians are tired of excuses and spin as to why we have the most expensive electricity in the nation yet face repeated black-outs.

“An independent investigation into this crisis must commence immediately and determine how we can strengthen South Australia’s fragile electricity system to ensure the reliable delivery of power.

“In November last year the Weatherill Government said a black-out affecting a 100,000 South Australians was a one in one-thousand-year event.

“In July this year the Weatherill Government claimed a power price crisis was a ‘perfect storm’.

“Today the Weatherill Government is blaming the failure of the entire South Australian electricity system on storm damage in the north of the state.

“Jay Weatherill says the system worked when the entire state was plunged into darkness– if that’s the case the system needs to be fixed.”