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Why was the generator failure report kept secret?

The Weatherill Labor Government kept secret a report into a critical generator failure at the Flinders Medical Centre during the September state-wide blackout.

Despite receiving a report into the generator failure from Aurecon in November last year, more than three months ago, the Weatherill Labor Government chose to release the report yesterday.

“When I heard Jack Snelling yesterday say that the Government would act as a model litigant in relation to the generator failure my mind shot back to the chemotherapy dosing scandal.

“The Weatherill Labor Government promised to be more open and transparent after the chemotherapy dosing saga. This incident shows that nothing has changed – the Government is appallingly secretive,” said Shadow Minister for Health Stephen Wade.

“The people affected by the generator failure as well as the staff at the hospital and the wider community should have been told why the generator failed as soon as the Government was made aware.

“We know from evidence provided to the Parliament that senior hospital administrators were not even told when the Government received the report.”

On 9 December 2016, Mr David Morris, Acting Chief Operating Officer, Southern Adelaide Local Health Network, told a Parliamentary Inquiry:


Health Minister Jack Snelling has questions to answer:

- Why did the Weatherill Labor Government keep the generator failure report secret for almost three months?

- Were the victims of the generator failure made aware of the report before its public release yesterday?

- Why weren’t senior hospital administrators provided with a copy of the report after it was finalised?