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Yet another case highlights the dangers of Labor’s Modbury Hospital emergency surgery downgrade

The State Liberals today highlighted another case where a Modbury Hospital patient experienced a traumatic and risky lessening of care as a result of Labor’s hospital cuts.

A young man presented at Modbury Emergency Department but, given that Labor has withdrawn emergency surgery from the Hospital, he had to wait to be transferred to an overcrowded Lyell McEwin Hospital.

Fortunately, the young man got his surgery and is recovering well but he should not have had to risk a 30 hour delay waiting for emergency surgery.

“Senior clinicians have raised concerns that there are multiple cases where the outcomes of patients at Modbury Hospital have been put at risk by Transforming Health – this is one of them,” said Shadow Minister for Health Stephen Wade.

Key facts of the case are as follows:

  • The patient went to the Modbury Hospital Emergency Department with strong and prolonged stomach pain at around 5pm in the afternoon. 
  • Five hours later, he was examined by a surgeon who advised that he would need to be transferred to the Lyell McEwin Hospital for surgery. 
  • The surgeon explained that the only elective surgery is now performed at Modbury. 
  • The patient had to wait until 1am next morning to be transferred by ambulance to Lyell McEwin Hospital. 
  • The family was stopped from privately transporting the patient as it was contrary to policy. 
  • The patient was admitted to await surgery which was continually delayed through the day. 
  • The operation eventually took place at around 11.30pm the following night – more than 30 hours after he presented at Modbury needing emergency surgery. 
  • He was discharged the next day.

The patient reported that at both hospitals – Modbury and Lyell McEwin – nursing and medical staff indicated that they did not support the surgery cutbacks.

“The tens of thousands of South Australians who rely on Modbury Hospital need the Health Minister to reverse his dangerous downgrade to Modbury Hospital,” said Mr Wade.