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Youth unemployment skyrockets in SA

Australian Bureau of Statistics figures released today show South Australia continues to have the highest youth unemployment rate in the country, with a whopping 16.9% of 15-24 year olds currently unemployed.

South Australia’s youth unemployment rate jumped by 1.8% between December and January to sit well above the national average of 13.5%.

“South Australia’s youth unemployment rate is completely unacceptable,” said Shadow Minister for Employment, Corey Wingard.

“Young people who fail to find work when first out of school or university are at real risk of long term unemployment

“The Weatherill Government continues to ignore our struggling youth and much more needs to be done to help get young people working.

“South Australia’s youth unemployment is now 4.4 percentage points higher than Tasmania’s.

“Until the Weatherill Government takes responsibility for the youth unemployment crisis in South Australia we will continue to lose our young people to places offering better job opportunities.

“Youth unemployment continues to be a major social and economic issue and the Weatherill Government has no effective plans to help get young people into a job.“

The Marshall Liberal team’s ‘2036’ document outlines our plan to grow the economy and create jobs through:

  • Reducing the tax burden on businesses and households; 
  • Cutting red tape and unnecessary regulation; 
  • Supporting export businesses and encouraging their growth; 
  • Fostering entrepreneurialism;  Investing in productive infrastructure; and, 
  • Supporting growth opportunities for our regional businesses and industries.